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"The staff at Dapper Technologies are very knowledgable and professional. "

Vince Doherty, Dakor Web Design

"The work you did for the travel show is going to pay off big
time....we will be able to use it for any special event . What was really cool was that everytime someone entered information into the data base, I recieved an e-mail. "

Ann Willard, Marketing Manager - Santa Barbara Travel Bureau

"This is terrific!!! You are a magician. We are so fortunate to have your expertise and speed!"

"Great. I spent an hour showing the site to the Deans and Executive Vice-President today. They were very impressed to say the least. One Dean who was a faculty member for 28 years said it was the best site on teaching that he had ever seen!"

Jack Ullom, Dean of Educational Programs and Professional Development

Vince Doherty the project manager is a pleasure to work with: honest, very intelligent, competent, and good-natured.

David De L'Arbre, COO
Santa Barbara Travel Bureau

Dapper Technologies was very client-centered, communicated frequently and well, worked very quickly and efficiently, solved problems immediately, made changes with good will and courtesy. Dapper Technologies is an excellent site development company. It has produced a better product than we specified at the same price we originally agreed upon. I recommend them without hesitation.

Mark Ferrer
Director of the Faculty Resource Center

We found Dapper Technologies to be creative, responsive and very cost effective. The first design layout was very basic and we reworked the format to more visually appealing. The second and third versions were big improvements on the original concept.

Jerry Pike
Directory of the Leanring Resource Center


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